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Society of St. Teresa of Jesus     
18080 St. Jose
ph Way       
Covington, LA 70435           

( (985) 893-1470
  (985) 893-2476




Thousands of women have answered the call to become
Teresian Sisters.

Could God be calling you to
the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus?

     The Teresian Sisters welcome prospective candidates who may be considering giving their lives to God in religious consecration. We are especially
interested in women ages 20 - 35 who . .

bulletare deeply committed to Jesus Christ
bullethave a passionate desire to do something significant for God and God's people
bullethave a regular prayer life
bulletparticipate fully in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church
bullethave some experience of ministry with children or youth
bulletare physically and emotionally healthy
bullethave no dependents
bullethave the freedom and maturity to lead a celibate life
bulletare attracted to the Teresian charism of prayer, education, and sacrifice

Please visit our Vocation Talk to leave your question or comment for the Teresian Sisters. 

If you would like further information on religious life as a Teresian Sister, please contact:

Sr. Clarice Suchy, STJ
Society of St. Teresa of Jesus
18158 St. Joseph Way
Covington, LA 70435
Tel: (985) 893 - 1557
: : teresianvocations@yahoo.com



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