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Society of St. Teresa of Jesus     
18080 St. Jose
ph Way       
Covington, LA 70435           

( (985) 893-1470
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All teens are invited to submit your original comments, articles, prayers, poems, comics, art, or phrase of the week. Please come by often to see new additions to the page. Thanks for visiting today!

Does God make any difference in your life?

Are you a Christian? If so, how are you different from other teens? Are you more or less the same as others --- or does Jesus really make a difference in your life? Click on Teen Talk to share your experience with other teens . . . 

Get involved! Click below to visit Rock the Vote, a website dedicated to empowering young people to discover their power to change the world.
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This site is about Christian teens living Christian lives. Real discussions, real help, real fun. Check it out!


An awesome site that helps you get involved with God in others. You don't want to miss this one.


Discussion forums, advice with the flavor of chicken soup. Stories of real teenagers to warm the heart and soul.









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