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   Just Published:


By: Donald Smith
Order this book from: or From the Author:
P.O. Box 949 -Brackettville, TX 78832
Check or money order:  $16.95



The Life and Martyrdom of Mercedes Prat, STJ
by Judy Roxborough, stj

45 pages, paper, $7, postpaid

Order # B14



Now in English:

15 Minutes of Prayer 
by Henry de Ossó

St. Henry's classic meditations, now available in English for the first time.

210 pages, paper, $10, postpaid

Order #B13



The following materials, produced by the Teresian Sisters, are now available for you to order online, by phone, fax, or mail. 

To order online,
Simply fill out the purchase order at the bottom of this page and submit it. 
We will ship the items to you and bill you later.

You may also order by ( at (985) 893-1470
Ę your order to (985) 893-2476
                              or  by
+ to
Teresian Sisters
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A free gift will be shipped with every order.

For bulk rates not given below, call us at (985) 893-1470, or write us at to inquire about discount prices. Tell us your e-mail address, the number and the item # you are interested in, and we will e-mail the pricing to you.


Item# Description Price
V1 St. Henry de Ossó, Faithful Witness $8.00
V2 I Want To Be a Teacher (English subtitles) $8.00
V3 St. Henry de Ossó (for children) $5.00


Item# Description Price
B1 St. Henry de Ossó, Priest and Teacher $5.00
B2 The Power of the Priesthood $5.00
B3 St. Henry de Ossó and the Children (children) $2.00
B4 To Heaven in a Covered Wagon $1.00
B5 St. Teresa of Jesus, by Blancamaria Sanz, STJ $1.00
B6 The Interests of Jesus in the Writing of St. Henry $1.00
B7 Month of Mary, by St. Henry de Ossó  $1.00
B8 Novena to Mary Immaculate by St. Henry de Ossó  $1.00
B9 Novena to St. Joseph, by St. Henry de Ossó $1.00
B10 St. Henry de Ossó, Priest $1.00
B11 A Month in the School of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by St. Henry de Ossó  $8.00
B12 The Spiritual Experience of St. Henry de Ossó  $8.00
B13 15 Minutes of Prayer, by Henry de Ossó $10.00
B14 Convicted by Faith,
The Life and Martyrdom of Mercedes Prat, STJ

COLORING BOOKS (English/Spanish)

Item# Description Price
CB1 St. Henry de Ossó  $1.00
CB2 St. Teresa of Jesus $1.00
CB3 Prayer $1.00


Item# Description Price (1-9) (10-49)
BR1 St. Henry de Ossó $0.50 each $0.40 each
BR2 Blessed Mercedes Prat, STJ $0.50 each $0.40 each
BR3 Sr. Saturnina Jassa, STJ $0.50 each $0.40 each


Item# Description Price (1-9) (10-49)
P1 St. Henry de Ossó with Prayer $0.15 each $0.10 each
P2 St. Henry de Ossó with children $0.15 each $0.10 each
P3 St. Henry de Ossó (black & white) $0.10 each $0.05 each
P4 Plastic card of Jesus with St. Henry quote $1.00 each $0.75 each
P5 Plastic card of St. Teresa with  her Bookmark
$1.00 each $0.75 each
P6 St. Teresa of Jesus with Prayer   $0.10 each $0.05 each
P7 St. Teresa of Jesus, Doctor of the Church $0.35 each $0.25 each
P8 St. Joseph with Prayer $0.10 each $0.05 each
P9 Jesus the Fisherman (STJ) $0.25 each $0.20 each
P10 Jesus with Prayer (STJ, black & white) $0.20 each $0.15 each
P11 Jesus (STJ, black & white) $0.15 each $0.10 each

Please complete the Order Form below:

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