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STJ DAY 2004

            Twenty-eight Teresian Sisters from Louisiana, Florida, and Texas convened in Covington, LA, for their annual gathering traditionally called “SOCIETY DAYS.” A surprise awaited them at their arrival: the cafeteria/conference room had a new and beautiful look. The recent remodeling of the building has added beauty and comfort to their meeting place. The excitement of having a better place for their assembly added to the joy of seeing each other.

            The provincial teams for formation, vocations, and ministries met on July 5, 2004.  They evaluated their activities during the last school year, and set their goals and objectives for the future. The team members together with all other participants met at St. Henry de Osso Chapel for the evening prayer, which officially marked the beginning of “Society Days.”  Sisters in active ministry reported about their ministries during the following two days. Some sisters used Power Point presentations to make known their work or mission. The general response was praise and gratitude to God for what has been accomplished.

            On July 8, Sister Isabel Ordońo, the provincial, informed the assembly about the recent meeting held at the Franciscan Monastery of Santo Spiritu in Spain, the place where St. Henry de Osso, founder of the Teresians, died. The general administration, general staff and all the provincials of the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus met to set up the path to follow for the next General Chapter, in Rome. The General Chapter, as well as the Provincial and Local Chapters are very formal and important meetings held every six years.

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            Sister Dorothy Trosclair, OP, led the workshop on discernment the next two days. The sisters reflected on personal and communal discernment. It was an opportunity for prayer and spiritual growth.

            On Friday July 9, Honorary Membership in the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus was granted to Charles and Alyce O’Brien for the many years of generous service and support to the Teresians.

            The “Society Days” ended on July 11 with a Mass for the Jubilarians: Sister Hortense Coloma (50th) Sister Maria Josefa de la Nuez (50th) and Sister Gina Geraci (25th). For their faithful response to God’s love, may God be praised.

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