Parent Empowerment

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Mrs. Teresa Serna and Mrs. Maria Flores welcome parents and children to the first of four sessions of Parent Empowerment, to be held at the CCD building of Sacred Heart Church in Uvalde, Texas. 

The classes, sponsored by the St. Henry de Osso Family Project, will focus on skills that will enhance the value and power of the family unit. Besides Mrs. Serna and Mrs. Flores, a number of other facilitators will present the material, in concurrent English and Spanish classes. The classes have been newly developed for the people of the Southwest Texas area, using materials created by Dr. Don Smith, specifically for the St. Henry de Osso Family Project.

Mrs. Cheryl Sandoval, a counselor and Coordinator of the St. Henry de Osso Family Projects, oversees the classes and is one of the main presenters of the Parent Empowerment program.

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During the sessions children are well cared for by Project staff. 


dolores.jpg (15871 bytes)
amanda.jpg (9073 bytes) Mrs. Amanda Hadley, a counselor, is one of the evening's presenters.

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Cheryl ponders a question with the group. The class enjoys a lighter moment.

For more information on class content, scheduling, and alternate locations,

Sr. Hortense Coloma, stj

(830) 278-9178


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