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The Teresian communities met with General Superior Carmen Bartolome, STJ in Covington, Louisiana on August 31, 2003. Several sisters from Texas and the novices also attended the meeting. This joyful gathering began with the morning praise followed by the Eucharistic celebration at St. Henry de Osso Chapel. Abbot Justin Brown, OSB from St. Joseph Abbey celebrated the Mass, and delivered an inspired homily on the Scriptural readings of the day. Heavy rain made it impossible to move out of the chapel after Mass, so the circumstances provided for an unexpected setting for the meeting. What better place than the “Lord’s house” to hear God speaking to us through each other?

The passages from the Scriptures continued sounding in our hearts as the opening prayer and reflection on the Word set the starting point for our listening and responding. The readings urge us to “be doers of the word,” to differentiate between the essential and the accidental, and to love God’s Commandments, in other words: to witness to Jesus by the love we have for one another. The sisters took turns in sharing their reflections on the Scriptural passages. Sister Carmen expressed her joy in being among us, after ten years away from this province, where she had spent most of her life as a religious sister. She proposed a question for general discussion on consecrated life, as seen at the national, local, and congregational levels. What is consecrated life in the United States today? What are the important issues? The sisters expressed their opinions.

The Society of Saint Teresa witnesses to religious values in many cultures. We have been called to witness to Jesus as a community, as a group. The greatest sign to the world is the Christian sign: our love for one another. Saint Teresa of Jesus and our Founder, St. Henry de Ossó, echo the Gospels in their emphasis on quality of life, authenticity and spirituality. Sister Carmen gave each sister the book, “The Teresians 125 Years of Service”, which celebrates the charism of St. Henry de Osso in the church and world of the third millenium.  Life is a journey of faithful discipleship. The diversity existing in the culture and in religious life in the United States stirs us to reaffirm our commitment to prayer life, so that God may lead us in our call to serve for the interest of Jesus. The charism we have received is to be shared with the laity, the Teresian Associates and others whom we are in contact through ministry. Our charism is to restore, bringing back the dignity of the person, reconciling with God and with others. Holiness of life is our first and deepest call as Christians and as consecrated persons. May God be always the root and foundation of our lives.





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