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"Who has a bill? a bird has a bill."  Who would have ever thought those words could have any significant value.  Yet after having met and worked with a young man named Jesse, those words will remain with me for many years to come.  You see, I was working with Jesse on a computer reading a story and each page began with those exact words. 


Apparently after only a few pages, Jesse decided, let's have a little fun, and that is what he did.  Within a matter of minutes a new tune could be heard throughout the room.  "Who has a bill?  A bird has a bill."  Somehow our reading session had evolved into a musical recital.  I smiled and joked how someday he could teach others how to read through music.  We continued and with each new page Jesse sang on.  As the story finished and we started working on writing skills, Jesse realized, "I forgot the song."  With a great deal of enthusiasm I replied, "It's about time.  Let's get back to the words".  But with a huge grin on his face, I should have expected what was coming next, once again the tune broke out, "Who has a bill?  A bird has a bill."  As Jesse continued writing his words I decided to snap a quick picture, and so I did.  however when I looked at what he had written I realized it was the wrong word, so I sounded out the correct word, and before I even had a chance to continue, Jesse turned to me and said, "Oh no, I wrote it wrong and you have it on film!"  Although we laughed, to Jesse that picture might have meant another mistake captured, but to me that picture spoke a thousand words, all of which were about success.  Jesse, working his hardest was and still is striving to be the best he can, and as long as he continues, those little mistakes will remain exactly that, little, compared to what he will learn and accomplish in the future.  So, like Jesse, let's keep on learning, reading, and occasionally singing, "Who has a bill? A bird has a bill."

Sr. Margaret Anne (Brandi Mire), stj




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