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Society of St. Teresa of Jesus     
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The Foundation for Christian Education, STJ is a non-profit corporation created by the American Province of the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus, specifically to fund Teresian ministry, especially in poor, rural areas.

Works supported by the Foundation have included:

bulletLiteracy Programs for Minorities
bulletTraining of Tutors
bulletAid to low-income Catholic Schools
bulletScholarships for Catholic Schools
bulletFormation of Religious and Seminarians
bulletSpirituality Centers
bulletCatechetical formation
bulletSupport of elderly Sisters
bulletSummer Missions

The Foundation is committed to

bulletProviding Christian education to the poor
bulletFostering family values
bulletPromoting literacy
bulletForming Catholic educators and catechists
bulletSupporting religious formation
bulletEmpowering Christian lay leaders to witness to the faith
bulletBringing the light of the Gospel to remote areas

Sources of funding include grants from other foundations, corporations, and individual donors.

For more information contact:

Sr. Isabel  Ordono, STJ

  2921 SW. 122nd Ave.

  Miami, FL 33175

  Phone: (305) 223-7445

  Cell:     (504) 427-2354
  Fax:     (305) 335-1105

  e-mail: maisastj@aol.com






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