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Society of St. Teresa of Jesus     
18080 St. Jose
ph Way       
Covington, LA 70435           

( (985) 893-1470
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Who are the Teresian Associates?



Teresian Associates are lay men and women, married and single, called by God to live their baptismal consecration with the spirituality of the Society of Saint Teresa of Jesus and associated with the Society. The Society offers them support and guidance and collaboration in the place where they are called to live their Christian commitment.


Teresian Associates try to allow God to work in them, so that they may become more like Christ, and so bring the Good News of Salvation to others.


Each member tries:
bulletTo dedicate a set time to personal prayer, according to the teachings of St. Teresa of Jesus.
bulletTo participate actively in the Eucharist on Sundays and if possible, more frequently. 
bulletTo follow the life of the Church in the Liturgical year.


bullet WITNESS
The members strive to witness true Christian life in their own families, on the job, at recreation, and in the community.

Associates are encouraged to become involved in ministry, in the parish or in one of the works of the Society.
One or more private vows of poverty, chastity and obedience may be made. 



Associates are invited to join with the Sisters for liturgical celebrations, especially for Society feast days. Once or twice a year, days of renewal are offered to the Associates, so that they may deepen in their spirituality and in their bonds with each other. All are encouraged to study the works of St. Teresa and St. Henry de Osso.


Lord Jesus, You said, "Everything that you ask in my name will be given to you." We trust in your word and unite ourselves to all our brothers and sisters throughout the world, to ask that your name be glorified. We desire to know ourselves, to know You, to love You always and to make You known and loved by all. We want to live our Baptismal consecration to the fullest in today’s world as Associates of the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus. We need your grace, for without You we can do nothing, but with You we can do all things. We ask this in your Name. Amen

For information, contact:

In Texas:

Sr. Hortense Coloma, STJ 
343 N. Crisp St.
Uvalde, TX 78801
Phone: (830) 278-9718
e-mail: hcolomastj@aol.com   

In Louisiana:

Sr. Gina Geraci, STJ

18080 St. Joseph’s Way
Covington, LA 70435-5623
Phone: (985) 893-1470

 In Florida

Sr. Carmen Gloria Plasencia, stj

2921 SW. 122th Ave.

Miami, FL 33175

Phone: (305) 223-7445






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