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Pre-Chapter 2004
Pre-Chapter . 2004
Pre-Chapter .. 2004
Pre-Chapter: 128 Years
Pre-Chapter: June 18-23
Pre-Chapter: The Closing

Society of St. Teresa of Jesus     
18080 St. Jose
ph Way       
Covington, LA 70435           

( (985) 893-1470
Ê  (985) 893-2476




Welcome !!!


Today, the 7th of June, all the Sisters are arriving. 
The General Administration dedicated the 6th and the 7th
 to interview with some Provincials
 and will continue at the end on the 26th and 27th
At this moment,
we can only tell you that we are happy to come
 to Santo Espiritu and remain here without any hurry,
just as Our Founder Father did.

Who are the Sisters meeting here?  The list is as follows:


Sr. Carmen Bartolome
Sr. Valmi Vogt
Sr. Concepcion Salvador
Sr. Rosario Ferrer
Sr. Ana M
0 Torra
Sr. Carmen Franch
Sr. Encarna Autor
Sr. Gloria Rodriguez



Sr. Cristina Martinez - Prov. St. Teresa
Sr. Asuncion Codes - Prov. Sagrado Corazon
Sr. Julia Barroso - Prov. Maria Inmaculada
Sr. M
0 Isabel Ordoño - Prov. St. Francis de Sales
Sr. M
0 Angeles Muñiz - Prov. St. Jose
Sr. Pilar Garcia Cabrera - Prov. St. Henry de Osso
Sr. Rita Fdez. Barbosa - Prov. Ntra. Senora Aparecida
Sr. Florentina Chambula - Prov. Maria Reina
Sr. Luz Marina Valencia - Prov. Corazon de Maria
Sr. Rosaura Jorge - Prov. Virgen del Carmen
Sr. Geselle Gomez - Prov. Cristo Rey
Sr. Marina Delgado - Prov. Virgen de Caacupe
Sr. Nieves Iriberri - Prov. Ntra. Senora de Coromoto
Sr. M
0 Sales Vazquez - Prov. Virgen del Pilar
Sr. Carmen Villabriga - Prov. Maria Madre de la Iglesia
Sr. Cristina Zafra - Prov. Virgen de la Esperanza
Sr. Maria Naim - Prov. Santa Maria de Guadalupe

Other participants

                Sister Victoria Gonzalez de Castejon, RSCJ – Discernment and Methodology
                Sister Georgina Zubiria, RSCJ – Orientation and Methodology
                Sister Pilar Feliu and Sister Cristina Ronaina – Constitutions team
                Sister M
0 Luisa Ibañez and Sister Clotilde Marchena – Secretary
                Sister Consuelo Brines and Sister Emilia Rodrigues – Support team

We are showing you now the “physical frame” which will help you to understand how wonderful this place is and how it will help us to listen to the Holy Spirit in
the midst of these mountains, during these two days of initial retreat.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Translate by Sr. Odette Daigle, stj)

ÜPre-Chapter: June 8

For Spanish:  Día 7- A punto de iniciar la Precapitular






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