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We have a General Coordinator!!!




With great joy we announce the re-election of Carmen Bartolomé, STJ as general Coordinator of the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus. Her guiding presence has been a source of light and peace to all of us for the past six years, and we can only give thanks to God for her willingness to serve Him in this role for six more years. Please join with us in prayer for "Carmen B.", as we know her in this province, that she may have the strength and grace she needs to continue as leader of the Society.


Congratulations, Carmen B., and thank you for saying YES once again!





And now we also have the new General Government, 2005-2011:

From left, Pilar García (Mexico), Rita Fernández (Brazil), Carmen Bartolomé, Mary Sales (Spain), Giselle Gomez (Nicaragua)


We give thanks to God and to all the Chapter members, for choosing them, and to each of them for accepting . Congratulations, and may the Spirit continue to lead you as we strive together to enter more deeply in the Passion for God, Passion for Humanity.







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